Offered Exclusively for SIR Agents and Leaders
Master your
Ninja mindset, skillset, & actions;
propel your
business to
the next level.

With the support of Melanie Frank as your SIR mastery guide, join fellow likeminded SIR agents and SIR leaders across the country and Canada creating new relationships as we learn and share together. This intensive one-year virtual program is designed to lead you on the next leg of your SIR Ninja journey mastering the systems and incorporating our SIR brand tools so that we can enjoy harmony in both our personal and professional lives.

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Sotheby's International Realty Mastery groups are limited to only 20 participants.

New SIR Mastery group programming.
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    Melanie Frank



    Program Details

    Mastery is a 12-month commitment.

    $250 per month (billed automatically)


    $2750 paid in full at registration

    Two 90-minute sessions each month:

    12 - Monthly Small Group Sessions

    (90 min Instruction & Training)
    12 -
    Monthly Guided "Lab" sessions
    (90 min Skills Practice & Networking)

    Program Highlights:

    - Business Planning

    - Ninja Skills Mastery
    - Accountability Partners

    - Connection with other Ninjas

    - Interactive Practice & Feedback

    - Comprehensive Reference Manual

    - Supplemental digital resources


    1. Commit to a designated Thursday Small Group Time.

    2. Meet with your "small group" once a month. These 90-minute sessions will take a deep dive into a particular piece of Ninja helping you build upon your Ninja foundation. ( See complete list of dates to the right.)

    3. Network with other fellow SIR Ninja Mastery agents and leaders in our monthly SIR Mastermind/Ninja lab sessions. These sessions are designed to help you develop more SIR relationships as we mastermind best practices and hone our Ninja skills together.

    SIR Mastermind/Ninja Labs will be held one Friday each month. You are invited to attend any one of the three sessions scheduled that day. It does not have to be the same each month, whatever works best in your schedule. Melanie will help orchestrate breakout rooms for mastermind topics to engage with other SIR Ninjas in the Mastery program and incorporate the skills we are learning month-to-month. This design will help create opportunities to advance your Ninja skills while leveraging our SIR tools and relationships.

    New SIR Programming
    starts Nov 11th

    Choose From 1 of 4
    Designated Small Groups:

    6am Pacific | 9am Eastern

    8am Pacific | 11am Eastern

    10am Pacific | 1pm Eastern

    You will meet with your designated group at your designated time
    on the following Thursdays:

    Nov 11th - Dec 16th - Jan 6th - Feb 3rd

    Mar 10th - Apr 7th - May 12th - Jun 9th

    Jul 7th - Aug 11th - Sep 1st - Oct 6th

    **Sessions are recorded if you are unable to attend.

    SIR Mastermind / Ninja Lab Sessions:

    6am Pacific | 9am Eastern

    8am Pacific | 11am Eastern

    10am Pacific | 1pm Eastern

    SIR Mastermind/ Ninja Lab Dates:

    Nov 5th - Dec 10th - Jan 21st - Feb 18th

    Mar 25th - Apr 29th - May 27th - Jun 24th

    Jul 22nd - Aug 26th - Sep 16th - Oct 21st

    **You can attend any one of the Friday sessions that

    works for your schedule. This is an excellent

    opportunity to grow your SIR Ninja Network.